Friday, February 16, 2007

Upcoming Performances

I will be posting my own upcoming performances as well as interesting performances of note happening in the Cincinnati area. Clicking on one of the labels at the right called "Upcoming Performances" will bring up posts pertaining to these events. One is dedicated to my own performances and the other is going to be dedicated to events with performers other than myself. Because I am a classical musician by trade, classical performances will be mostly what I'll bring to the blog. But I'll try to also include some interesting things outside of the classical world as well. After all, the music world is a BIG place with lots of good things happening these days. Of course, I don't have the time to post every single concert (or even every single great concert) that happens here, but I'll strive to post at least one a week from now on.

For my students (well, sure, and anybody else for that matter): REMEMBER that part of being a good musician is to sit in an audience and take in performances; it's an important aspect of your musical education that can often be overlooked. The more you see and the more you experience, the more complete you will be as an artistically active person.

If anybody has any suggestions for something coming up performance-wise that they would like me to post here, please let me know. Input is always welcome!