Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Children's Music Games by Morton Subotnick

Here's some great online fun for youngsters:

Children's Music Games by Morton Subotnick

These musical games are perfect for any children (suitable for all ages) and they all work online for free. Parents: You might want to check the system requirements to make sure these will work on your computer. If you really like these, cd-roms are offered on the website.

There is a "musical sketch pad" and "rhythm band" for experimenting with composition, and there are other neat puzzles and games too. 

I had the most fun playing around with the sketch pads. You can simply "draw" shapes and hear them played back, so no knowledge of musical notation is required. You can also transform your compositions: reverse them, turn them upside down, stretch them, make variations, etc. It's really lots of fun!

Morton Subotnick is a contemporary composer who specializes in computer and electronic music.