Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Musical Tests at 8notes.com

Want to test your knowledge of notes, intervals, keys, and triads? Check out the musical tests at www.8notes.com. (Note: Only the "musical tests" work; the "musical games" part of the site is currently offline as of the date of this post.) There are also some ear training tests as well (the program will play intervals, scales, and chords and then you try to identify them by ear).

These are great for any age group, but some of the ear training tests can be quite difficult (especially challenging is the scale ear trainer -- trying to identify the different scalar modes by ear was hard even for me!). One good thing is you can change the settings on each game to make them easier or harder. Younger kids with less than 2 years of piano lesson experience will probably have the best luck with the notes and interval tests. The other tests require a bit more advanced musical knowledge.

8notes.com is also a neat site to surf for free sheet music and even online lessons.

PARENTS: I had the best luck using the Internet Explorer browser, equipped with the Flash plug-in.