Sunday, August 26, 2007

Test Your Musical Perception

Think you can detect slight differences between similar melodic ideas? Try this free test online:

Musical Perception Test (at

It is a research project for volunteers and you're invited to participate! There are two tests that take about ten minutes each to complete. Test subjects listen to two melodies and then decide whether they are exactly the same or just slightly different.

The catch: you only get to hear each pair once. There are 30 pairs in each test.

Yours truly got 28 of 30 correct on the first test and 30 of 30 on the second one. Can you tell what the difference is between the two tests? Can you do better than me? (Yes, I only took it once...)

If so, feel free to leave a gloating (but friendly) comment here.

(Via this interesting ScienceDaily article on tone deafness.)


Pam said...

Hey Josh! So, I just did your fun quiz here and I got the SAME scores as you did...! I was surprised because I didn't think I missed any on the first part, but thought I missed one or two on the second part...

Joshua Nemith said...

That's funny...I felt like my attention faded for a couple of them in the first part. I wonder if we missed the same ones? (We'll probably never know...)