Tuesday, August 7, 2007

BlogRoll Additions #2

Here are three more sites I've been following recently (they have been added to the BlogRoll list in my sidebar):

William J. Zick’s blog on composers, performers, and other musical figures of African heritage. It is a companion to his excellent website resource AfriClassical.com.

Alex Ross: The Rest Is Noise
New Yorker music critic Alex Ross provides wide-ranging articles on musical culture around the world. An important site that can be found in many musician blogrolls, Ross’s writing is attractive and erudite yet accessible. Highly recommended.

Musical Perceptions
Dr. Scott Spiegelberg, coordinator of the music theory program at DePauw University, provides a lot of interesting insights on many strands of music and on music education. While there are certainly perceptions from a theory perspective, articles here seem more refreshingly intended for a general (but musically informed) readership and less focused on jargon-heavy, insular academic discourse.

Be sure to remember my disclaimer (located at the bottom of my blogroll descriptions post) about content outside my blog domain.