Saturday, May 5, 2007

Ear-Trainer for Intervals

I found this free applet (called "Big Ears") for online ear-training over at the well tempered blog.

The neat thing about this is you can select (or de-select) which intervals you want to hear. This makes it versatile for all levels of musicianship.

Students: I’ll attempt to suggest how to tailor the settings by your lesson book level:

If your lesson book is Level 1 or lower, try selecting these intervals only: P1 (unison), M2 (2nd), M3 (3rd).

Level 2: Add P4, P5 (fourth and fifth), P8 (octave). "P" stands for perfect interval.

Level 3: Add M6 (sixth) and M7 (seventh).

Level 4 and above: You already have all of the major intervals. Now add the minor intervals (m[#]) one by one until you feel comfortable with the new addition. After that try all of the intervals that are bigger than the octave (m9, M9, m10, M10, P11).

Have fun. Also, if you've ever wished you could play two notes on a keyboard and have a program tell you what the interval is, you can find that here (it's on the same site as "Big Ears").


rick said...

Hi Joshua,

You and/or your readers might like the interval, chord, and random melody trainer on this page:

It's also free and has quite a wide variety of options.