Thursday, August 23, 2007 Link Exchange

Recently I was contacted by, which is an online arts portal supported by the Enjoy the Arts/Start organization.

Their mission "is to promote the arts in the greater Cincinnati region by:

  • Providing a level playing field for marketing all arts organizations, large and small, as well as individual artists.
  • Being a clearinghouse for arts and arts-related information in the city and region.
  • Fostering communications between arts organizations to promote collaboration and growth.
  • Informing the public on issues of arts advocacy.
  • Assisting smaller arts organizations by providing services like low cost online ticketing."
(Source page)

This is a great site that packs a lot of information about arts events in and around Cincinnati. If you are in the area (either permanently or just in for a visit) I would recommend looking there for any arts-related events. All kinds of cultural occasions can be found, including art and photography exhibits, dancing and dining events, musical and theatrical shows, literary events, special museum exhibits, and much more.

Christopher Lamping over at the CincinnatiArts blog was kind enough to offer a blogroll link exhange with my Cincinnati Pianist blog. (You can find my site listed under their Blogroll list, and I put a link to theirs in my blogroll located to the right in the sidebar.) One of the neat things about this blogging project is when an arts organization sees value in a site like this one, which I hope does foster communication and arts advocacy. When arts communities and individuals network online in this way, it really is a step in the right direction for the betterment of interconnected access to the arts (for any particular region). Thank you, Christopher and, for the opportunity to serve more arts patrons through this link exchange.