Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Itzkoff/Nemith Schubert Recording Now Available

My newest CD recording of Schubert's violin and piano music is now available for purchase at CD Baby.com. Cincinnati Symphony violinist Gerald Itzkoff and myself recorded three of Schubert's violin and piano works: the Fantasia in C major, the Sonata (or Sonatina) in D major and the Sonata in A major. Both of us are very pleased to have been able to present the extremely challenging Fantasia on this recording. It is one of Schubert's lengthy late masterpieces and imposes many daunting technical and musical difficulties on the performers.

The CD can be ordered for $15.00 or for digital download for $9.99. Use the button below to connect to the CD Baby web page:

GERALD ITZKOFF AND JOSHUA NEMITH: Schubert: Works for Violin and Piano, Vol. 1

All of the tracks can be previewed through downloadable short excerpts of about 30 seconds. I am also adding a permanent linked button to my sidebar on the right, under the heading "My Recordings." I hope that people will find it to be an enjoyable interpretation of these classic works!

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