Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Jason Heath comments on informal recitals

Blogger and bassist Jason Heath has written a nice response to my recent post about short chamber music recitals given in private, small-audience settings. He offers some additional observations and convictions about these events from his own experiences that support my original thesis: These events are a “win-win” for everyone involved. Jason makes some positive points about interacting with audience members, increased engagement of the audience during performances, and the thrill audience members can get hearing (and seeing) musicians do their thing up close and personal. My experience this past Sunday performing for one of these informal  events certainly confirms Jason’s statements. 

I should mention that Jason and I participated in one of these private events together in Memphis for the benefit of the IRIS orchestra. (We are both "traveling" members of the IRIS orchestra.) The theme for that event was to honor the host-families that collectively put up dozens of musicians from around the country throughout the season. That event involved a number of different ensembles so that more of the entire orchestra was represented. It was yet another way small recitals (complete with receptions afterwards) can “give back” to communities that support arts institutions, and to continue, in Jason’s words, “to establish audience/performer relationships and create strong bonds of patron loyalty.” Thanks, Jason, for the additional  insights.