Saturday, March 3, 2007

Nemith Studio Gets 100% Superiors

I'd like to send a hearty and sincere

to all of my students who participated in the OFMC Junior Festival earlier today: the Nemith studio is 13 for 13 in "Superior" ratings!

That's right; out of thirteen participants from my studio, everyone got a Superior rating. Many got the much-coveted Unanimous Superior rating, which means ALL the adjudicators were swept off their feet by your performances. Beautiful job, guys.

I'd like to take this chance to tell all of my students (and their families) how proud I am of today's accomplishments. Everybody prepared their music extremely well and I feel that this has been the best festival yet for the capable and talented members of the "Nemith Studio". Many of you played difficult compositions that required not only technical prowess but also artistic maturity. The musical growth of my students this year has been outstanding. Many thanks also need to go to all of my students' families for their support -- you had to put up with their festival pieces for quite some time!

Let's also hear it for your colleagues who played in the Honors Recital this afternoon in Bellarmine Chapel (they qualified by winning three consecutive superiors): Cory, Nathan, and Grace. You three sounded great. It was a very strong recital with lots of fabulous young pianists and you definitely deserved to be included. Way to go!

The picture below is of a trophy-totin' Nathan and his pleased teacher. It was taken just after the recital and awards ceremony.

Many people from my studio will be eligible for next year's Honors Recital, as well as the District Recital and even the State Convention in Colombus. Once I get my records house in order and double-check with the OFMC officials, I'll let everyone know individually and then post to the blog.

Once again, congrats on all of your success and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

(Tell Mom or Dad or both that Dr. Nemith is allowing you to take a day or two off from piano...)