Saturday, February 24, 2007

About This Blog

Welcome to Joshua Nemith’s Cincinnati Pianist Blog! This site is dedicated to all things musical; it deals primarily with piano-related topics but branches out to cover other aspects of the social phenomenon that is music. Because of the blog’s versatile nature, it also functions as my professional/personal website (you can find my bio, resumé, any upcoming performances, etc., in addition to the core post material).

I am a classical pianist and educator by trade, so much of what I post relates to music education, piano pedagogy, resources for teachers and students, announcements of performances, and so on. Since I live in the Cincinnati, Ohio metro area, another purpose of this blog is to support through advocacy any relevant events in the local musical arts scene whenever I can. I also provide schedules and other resources for my private students here.

I am personally convinced that the network of online music bloggers, all interconnected through RSS subscription services, favorite site lists (blogrolls), and intra-post hyperlinks, constitute a major positive force for the nurturing of this living, constantly evolving art form known as concert music. Therefore, the tone of my writing here is intended to promote a healthily realistic yet constructive and inclusive point of view. Another intention is to foster the growth of an online community of musically-interested individuals and groups, which, in my opinion, is one of the measures of a successful music blog.

My suggestion to newcomers is to check out the recent posts first, get an idea of the content that interests you, and then make use of my blog category list (located in the sidebar to the right) to find other posts/articles on similar topics. You can also use the in-site Google search engine (located at the bottom of the page) to find specific content in a more efficient manner.

I encourage people to contact me, either using the comment feature on individual posts or through my email address located in my sidebar. If you do not know how to use the comment feature, click here for a brief tutorial. Part of the attraction of the blog phenomemon is its incredible community-building capability, so feel free to plunge into the discussion! (Please keep comments family-friendly.)

I hope you enjoy your visit here and that you get something out of the material. If you do, please consider subscribing (it’s totally free).