Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fundraiser for Antioch College

A fundraiser in support of the revival of Antioch College, which is currently shuttered, will be held at the Know Theatre in Cincinnati on September 12. This educational institution, located in beautiful Yellow Springs, Ohio, was closed in June of 2007 by its Board of Trustees due to high deficits and increasingly low enrollment.

Antioch College is not just another small-town liberal arts college. Ever heard of Coretta Scott King, Stephen Jay Gould, and Rod Serling? They are just some of the noteworthy alumni who pursued an education at Antioch. I am not an alumnus, but since I am involved with education it is never a good feeling for me when a school goes dark. Therefore I certainly support the (hopefully sustainable) efforts to revive the college.

For more information about this event (which is alumni-driven) please see the article at Antiochans Chapters. (PDF of the event flyer.)


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