Friday, June 27, 2008

Careers in Music by MENC

Interested in pursuing some kind of career in music? You might be surprised by the wide variety of career paths that are possible in this field. The National Association for Music Education has compiled a very complete list of industry professions on a webpage titled Careers in Music. Many jobs in the music world do not necessarily require virtuoso performance abilities or master teaching skills - one could train to become a librarian, recording engineer, performance arts medicine specialist, music therapist, instrumental repairperson, etc.

The site contains a great deal of useful information on training and/or schooling, qualifications, required knowledge, and salary expectations. This is a great resource to consult if you are looking to work in the music field and need a straightforward guide for comparing career choices. Another page to look at would be the Career Center. Be sure to take a good look around the rest of the MENC site as well - it offers an abundance of material on many topics.

(Via Amy Gould at Music Teacher's Blog)