Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Our Big Festival Day

This past Saturday my piano students and I went through the biggest event of the year for my studio: the OFMC District 3D Junior Festival. The event was held at Xavier University's Edgecliff Hall in Cincinnati and was populated by hundreds of music-making youngsters. I also participated as an adjudicator, and it was really fun to see (and comment on) so much young talent from the area.

Fifteen of my students (ranging in age from seven to seventeen) performed at the festival, which is pretty hard to believe when I think about it in total! But everyone did extremely well, and thanks to the event's organizers the day was a smooth-running success.

Four of my students qualified for the Honors Recital held in Edgecliff's Long Recital Hall that afternoon. To qualify, a student must obtain the highest rating from the adjudicators ("superior") for three consecutive years. It is quite an accomplishment since it demands quality performances over the long-term. This takes consistency and lots of dedicated practice!

You can see me below with two of my students just after the performance:

These accomplished young artists played some exciting repertoire. Monica (in the center) performed Ginastera's "Creole Dance" from his 12 American Preludes, and Sarahmarie (on the right) performed the Northwoods Toccata by Carol Klose. I also had two other students play at the recital (both of whom escaped having a picture taken): Zachary and Devon performed Myslivecek's Divertimento No. 6 and Tippette's Dance of Fire, respectively.

Congrats to everyone who was involved in the event - of course now it's time to start working on new repertoire!


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Jordan said...

Thanks for sharing! I really would love to do something like this for my kids when they start taking piano. Have a big festival to celebrate their achievement of learning how to play the piano. Having an Atlanta Piano teacher is probably what I am going to need to get things started though. They aren't even sure what a piano is yet.