Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Period Performances from ArsAntiguaPresents

Here is more proof that even groups associated with the most traditional music are making use of web-based technology to promote their message and performances. Jerry Fuller, director of the Ars Antigua period instrument ensemble in Chicago, has started a new (and free) music webcast site: ArsAntiguaPresents.com. Its purpose is to promote early music performances on period instruments:

ArsAntiguaPresents.com, directed by Jerry Fuller, is a series of monthly, free audio web cast programs of music from the Renaissance, Baroque, and Classical eras performed on period instruments with engaging and enlightening commentary by Peter Van De Graaff. Programs focus on one composition or a few short works. (Source)

The inaugural program from December 15 is available for playback and features a performance by the Ars Antigua ensemble. The site also offers concert archives, information about period instruments, and free subscription services through iTunes, RSS feeds, or email.

It's great that Mr. Fuller (who is an accomplished professional bass player) is building a valuable online resource for early music practitioners and listeners. I look forward to seeing how the site develops and listening to the web casts, since I often engage in continuo playing myself. Best wishes on the new project, Jerry.

Image reproduced from ArsAntiguaPresents.com.