Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Life Moves Quickly Sometimes

Things have been pretty slow here at the Cincinnati Pianist blog for some time. I thought I'd throw a bone to my readers with the following update.

Recently it has been problematic for me to do any posting because my own computer has a bad video card and I have needed to use it only in "safe" mode (and only in 16-bit color, which is taking me back to the mid-90's!) My usual dedicated "blog browser" is Opera, but it won't work for me in 16-bit safe mode. But it turns out that I have some deeper hardware problems and will need to replace the poor machine entirely. So I am avoiding committing much more material to the blog until I get the new machine.

How about some good personal news? I have just been offered an adjunct teaching position at CCM in the CMT division (Composition, Musicology, and Theory). The course I will be teaching is a survey of chamber music literature for graduate students, many of whom are pursuing a cognate minor in chamber music. I have done this class once before in 2005 but gave it up after one quarter because I was still pretty burned out on academic life at that point. (I graduated with my doctorate in 2004 after a seven-year slog through the curriculum!)

But it's been a couple of years now; life has moved on, and it's now the right time to get back into academia with this opportunity. Usually this class has been taught by a musicology professor (rather than a performance professor) so the CMT division is showing considerable faith in my academic and classroom skills by offering it to someone who is mainly a performer and private lessons teacher. I am looking forward to improving and streamlining the coursework this time around. The good thing is that my performance schedule will be solely local for a few months, which will allow me a decent amount of time for preparation and research. UC is just down the street from me, so there's really no commuting issue either.

The bad news is that this new part-time job will take even more energy away from blogging here, but I am planning on continuing to post at least once (maybe twice) a week in the new year. Since I will be teaching the history and repertoire of the string quartet first, it will be nice to come back to writing keyboard-oriented material on off-days.

I'll be back soon with new material. Happy Holidays to all!


Pamela said...

Congratulations, Josh! Great news!!

Chris Foley said...

Congratulations! The CCM has just hired a first-rate faculty member and I hope your duties expand over the coming years.

Zoogroupie said...

Feed your pc to the animals, no wait DFTA!

Joshua Nemith said...

Thanks for the supportive comments, everyone! Hope you all are having a restful holiday.

Zoogroupie, I hope you'll make yourself known to me at some point - mentioning DFTA is a real hilarious blast from the past! ("Zoo" was the name of a rock band I played synth with in high school; "Don't feed the animals" was one of our signature tunes...)