Sunday, November 4, 2007

A Complete Series on Improving Practice

Chris Foley (The Collaborative Piano Blog) has completed a wonderful month-long series of posts on how to improve practice skills and achieve better results. He wrote a succinct but substanceful post each day of October on this topic - what an amazing accomplishment!

Just in case anybody missed my previous link to this series at the beginning of October, I'm linking now to Chris's convenient post that lists all of these articles by day and topic. His presentation of the material is well-organized and has a definite trajectory, but you can skip around at will by using the links in the sum-up post.

This is highly recommended material for anyone looking for new ideas or a fresh approach to practice techniques. Chris covers everything from goal-setting and practice scheduling to the subjects of memorization and artistic sensibility. 

Thanks to Chris for such a solid and expansive resource!